Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Defense


Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Defense

What is tax defense?

Tax defense is any form of legal action taken to minimize or eliminate a taxpayer’s liability for taxes. It can be used in a variety of situations, including negotiating with the U.S. government, contesting the assessed value of property taxes, or challenging an IRS audit outcome. Tax defense specialists such as IRS Enrolled Agents, (EAs), Tax Attorneys and CPAs specialize in helping clients deal with IRS audits and appeals, as well as providing advice about tax law and strategies for reducing tax liabilities.

What are some common types of tax disputes?

Common types of tax disputes include disputing an assessment or collection action by the IRS; filing amended returns; appealing a federal or state income tax decision; and challenging a deficiency judgment. Other issues that may require the assistance of a tax defense expert include filing an Offer in Compromise (OIC) to settle unpaid taxes; filing petitions to the US Tax Court to challenge assessments or collections; and making claims for refunds due to erroneous payments or other errors on your return.

When should I seek help from a tax defense professional?

If you find yourself in any kind of dispute with the IRS, it may be wise to seek out professional assistance from a qualified and experienced tax defense expert. Your tax pro can help you understand your rights and help you formulate an effective strategy for resolving your dispute with the IRS. Additionally, if you disagree with how much taxes you owe or how much refund you should receive, they can assist in resolving this issue too.

What benefits can I expect when working with a skilled tax practitioner?

A qualified and experienced tax defense defender can provide numerous benefits, such as helping taxpayers negotiate repayment plans that reduce overall liability, assisting taxpayers in preparing all necessary documents related to their case, and even representing them during business or court proceedings regarding taxes owed. Additionally, a tax professional may be able to negotiate reductions on late payment penalties that could otherwise result in significantly lower amounts owed. Furthermore, they may also be able to identify certain 

deductions that were missed when filing returns which could result in refunds being issued instead of additional money owed.

 Who should I contact for assistance with my taxes? 

Advanced Tax Defense & Accounting Services offers experienced professionals who specialize in helping individuals resolve their tax issues with minimal stress and cost. Their team includes registered Enrolled Agents who have passed an examination administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They offer free consultations by phone so you can get answers immediately without having to leave your home or office space—simply call 888-455-3111 or 561-502-8112 today! You can also visit their website at to learn more about their services and find out if they are right for your unique needs

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